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It’s A Small World Africa’ is not just a travel agency, but a passion project born from our love for Africa’s natural beauty and vibrant cultures. We specialize in offering bespoke, all-inclusive travel experiences, meticulously planning each journey down to the last detail. Our dedicated team of travel experts and local guides work tirelessly to ensure that every trip we curate offers an immersive, personal, and unforgettable African adventure. Your dream vacation awaits with us.

Natacha and Mich celebrated Natacha’s 40th birthday by visiting Kenya, Africa for the first time, without knowing anyone there. Despite this, they had a wonderful travel experience that included visiting the Giraffe Manor, the elephant orphanage, and going on a Big 5 safari tour. They also got to know the Samburu community and were captivated by their elegant yet simple culture. The experience of having breakfast in the wild, dinner at sunset on the river bed, and high tea surrounded by giraffes was unforgettable. They have partnered with a local travel agency to make this experience available to more people around the world.

Ken Ketani is a passionate Kenyan in the hospitality industry. Michel and Natacha had the chance to meet him on their first trip to Kenya and enjoyed the services of his local travel agency, Small World Africa. After being impressed by Ken’s hospitality, they partnered with Small World Africa to offer others the same experience.

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At ‘It’s A Small World Africa’, we’re more than just a travel agency. We are passionate storytellers, curators of unique experiences, and avid lovers of Africa’s stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures. Our specialty lies in creating bespoke, all-inclusive travel experiences that not only meet but exceed expectations. Meticulously planned and tailor-made, each journey we curate is a testament to our deep understanding of Africa and our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of service.


Our dedicated team of travel experts and local guides are the heart and soul of ‘It’s A Small World Africa’. Their extensive knowledge, professionalism, and warmth ensure that every aspect of your journey is handled with utmost care. From crafting the perfect itinerary to navigating the beautiful terrain, they work tirelessly to ensure your African adventure is nothing short of unforgettable.

Embark on a journey of discovery with us. Your dream vacation in the heart of Africa awaits.

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